How to make Internet Explorer 10 run in compatibility mode

I know it might come as a surprise to many of you, but Internet Explorer 10 is AWESOME. It is the fastest and the most standards compliant version of the most hated browser in the world.
I always think if Microsoft had done this about 3 years ago it would have been the most popular browser in the world.

Now getting to the point, if you are a web developer or designer  like me and are using Windows 8 and find that your latest work is being rendered properly in your version of Internet Explorer but not on your client’s ridiculously old IE7, and are sitting helpless, thinking of rolling back to Windows XP just for this reason, then worry not, this tutorial is for you !

1. Open up Internet Explorer 10 (The non-metro version. I still haven’t tested with the metro version).

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2. Press ‘Alt’ key on your keyboard to bring up the top menu. And then go to Tools > Developer Tools. Alternatively, you can just press the ‘F12’ key on your keyboard.

Go to Tools > Developer Tools

3. This will bring up the IE developer tools which look just like the one in Google Chrome at the bottom.

Web Developer Tools in Internet Explorer 10

Web Developer Tools in Internet Explorer 10

You can then click ‘Browser Mode’ and then click on the Internet Explorer version you want to simulate. You can also set the document mode to quirks mode or standards mode from the next drop down.

That’s it. A really short and easy tutorial for a problem that could have been a pain the ass.

  • NewToWin8

    Do you know a way to set it by default?

  • vahid

    Thank you so much..

  • disqus_stexx4gvIt

    thanks but I wanto to doit in the code. will work in other versions but not ie10

  • tatoosh

    how to save that setting?

  • InterActv_Bug

    It’s good. No need on saving. Just select the browser you want and it’ll be auto-saved by IE.

  • Raj

    Thanks, it saved my day of frustrations..

  • Vladimir Bushel

    With all due respect, it doesn’t save those options…

  • FixIE

    To set for a specific site:

    (ALT) -> Tools -> Compatibility View settings

    Enter the website you want to view in Compatibility Mode (will work for all subdomains and subpages in my experience)

  • What if you have already upgraded to IE 10 and your website does not display correctly but was ok in IE 9, how can this be fixed?

    • henry3dogg

      which part of

      “…and then click on the Internet Explorer version you want to simulate…”

      didn’t you understand.

  • Alex Ross

    Ajay…. you are a gentleman… thank you so much for your sagely advices! regards Alex

  • Hans

    I think IE 10 suck big time compared to chrome… it is slow, ugly and clumsy … I really can’t see your point

    • ed

      “It is the fastest and the most standards compliant version of the most hated browser in the world”

      He wasn’t comparing it to Chrome. Chrome > IE, but the point is a standards compliant IE is awesome, and I have to agree

      • henry3dogg

        That there is, after all these years, a standards compliant IE is awesome.

        That standards compliant IE itself isn’t awesome. It just sucks less than previous versions.

        But that it finally exists… That’s an enormous relief for everybody that has to support software that will work for the millions that insist on running it in IE.

      • Sean

        Well put it this way, if IE was standards compliant, why is there a “Fix Me” Button?

  • JC

    Thank you for the information. Very useful.

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  • Keyser Söze

    Thanks, this helped me a lot in running a local web page that used ActiveX controls which stopped working starting with IE10 (probably due to security permissions). I ran in IE8 mode and it worked fine. Awesome tip.

  • Vaibhav Sharma

    thanx a lot AJay…you really helped me out…thanx a lot….

  • KK

    You sir, are an idiot.

  • KL

    What if pressing ALT does nothing? Is there something else needed for Windows 8?

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  • JGerman

    Alt key to get the menu bar. GREAT to know, thanks!

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  • kk

    I have Window 8 and the site that I am trying to use( is saying this ”

    Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 are not yet supported by the Inspira system. If you are unable to use an alternative operating system, you may access Inspira using Internet Explorer 10 provided you enable the “Compatibility view” when browsing and”
    I have tried all the instructions you said. But still didn’t work out. Please help!

  • RandomDude

    Thanks very useful, I couldn’t find the hidden parameters (“alt”) before I read your post.

  • Diego

    Ajay, is there any solution for IE6 ???

  • HRG

    thank you very much, You saved me from rolling back IE10

  • Kman

    A quicker way to get to the developer tools is to right click on the web page and select “Inspect Element”. This is the same in Firefox and Chrome browsers.

  • Rutwick

    This will work only AFTER a website opens up. If a website requires to be opened in a particular mode, it won’t since the browser will fallback to its default. Is there a way to always maintain the mode?

  • Mrs. Robinson

    Probably the easiest way to get to Compatibility view is just by clicking on the little broken piece of paper on the right side of the address bar. Instantly puts the webpage you’re on in compatibility view. 🙂

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