5 Easy Ways to do mobile app development course online

Mobile app development courses on your mind? I don’t blame you. The mobile app industry is set to generate revenue of 188.9 billion US dollars through app stores and in-app advertising. Now’s a good time as any to be part of this growing industry.

While it’s true that we have a tremendous amount of information available online about mobile app development, it is never a good idea to jump right into them. Clarity of your goal can easily be marred when you are overloaded with information. The first issue that you need to rightly identify, and address, is to understand what you want to learn. Your relationship with the beguiling ecosystem of hybrid, native and cross-platform mobile apps can be a little complicated. You can learn more about the different types of mobile apps here.

So, as an inspired ‘sensei’, let me steer you towards a few good resources to saté your appetite for good mobile application development learning. Here are a few good places you can start with.

  1. Learn from the best (Yes, Android or iOS)
    Mobile OS giants such as Apple and Android have their own ‘developer’ training domains that dole out learning modules in installments. Android, for example, provides you with resources here, to get started with your first mobile app. (To start with they will help you set up an Android studio in your system where you can create your first Android Project). The course is quite fast-paced, taking you from building your first interface, right up to apps with connectivity cloud and user management. And for you iOS fans out there, Apple also provides a dedicated developer domain, where you can get a hands-on experience in swift development. (FYI, iOS apps are made in Swift, if you are not familiar with swift, you can start here). As glorious as these resources are, they are only radiances of what an accomplished developer can do with mobile apps. But these basics are important, be imaginative, explore and experiment.
  2. Other Online Resources
    Given the plethora of possible online resources that’s out there in the market, let me introduce you to a few great places to start your learning. Again, these are based on reviews by users, and in no way, do I recommend that you spend money without understanding the structure of the courses in these platforms. So, a few places that many novices found to be helpful are:
    • W3schools: This developer site, (the worlds largest according to some sources) can give you a complete walk-through to learn JavaScript, along with jQuery, AngularJS, AJAX etc. With live examples and practice sets, this place is fun, interactive, informative and free!• Vogella (Android Development Only): This website offers a complete set of elements along with step-by-step tutorials to learn Java and Android. (FYI, again, Java is the base for Android add development). Vogella has simple to use and easy to follow tutorials that you can follow at your own pace. (Again, it’s free!)

    Udemy / Lynda / Coursera: If facilitated learning is more your style, I recommend you explore these online platforms that are aimed at professional adults. Regularly updated and tuned to the latest trends, these courses have everything you need to get started. Choose them with a vigil, look at their reviews, course structure, and coach’s credibility.

  3. Tutorials
    Online help tutorials, Webinars, and YouTube channels can also be your constant companion, as you traverse through mobile app development learning. As you grow to take up more challenging code structures and features, these tutorials can guide you through the pitfalls that you may face. YouTube channels such as android authority have a lot of content that beginners can use. However, the best use of tutorials can be for specific challenges of coding that you have, rather than going through an entire course by itself.
  4. Community Participation
    There is something about communities that encourages you to have innovative and groundbreaking ideas. Being part of online development communities (such as Stack Overflow, XDA-Developers, Android community etc,) ensures that you have a much-needed difference of perspective. Share ideas, learn from other’s mistakes and get access to new open source frameworks to tinker with, there’s a lot to be thankful for when you are part of an active community. So, don’t be shy, be part of communities, (it involves mingling, asking questions and of course learning!), you will be a lot better off.
  5. Internship
    The last step towards accomplishing yourself as a good mobile app developer is to get some real-world experience under your belt. Granted, it involves a lot of free work, but the experience you get from it is worth much more. You can get a lot of internship opportunities, online, with numerous software companies. Take up these opportunities, practice your codes, and build with examples and so on. Your team interactions, to understand development requirements, can compensate for several hours of online courses.

Lastly, it’s not as easy as a, b, c..
A fair warning, don’t be under any illusion that mobile app development is going to be easy. As you watch your first mobile app compile successfully, you will feel a splendid swell of proud elation. Remember it! For not all your experiments and developments will bear fruit. You might even cry at the terrible thing you have developed. But remember the feeling of pride, keep at it, pick yourself up, rummage for solutions, engage with your online community… essentially keep moving forward. With such an attitude, I have not the slightest doubt that you can be a good…no scratch that, a GREAT mobile app developer.